Medical Aesthetic Training Mission Statement

Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Training
Laser Tattoo Removal Techniques

Laser technology has made great strides in eliminating tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is among the most popular services.

Everyday clients from every walk of life have second thoughts about their tattoos. With advanced laser systems we instruct how to remove tattoos safely and effectively. This one-day workshop is offered to experienced laser medical professionals only, unless included in our three-day laser training.

Tattoo Removal Before   Tattoo Removal After


  1. Determining how the laser treatment works
  2. Evaluate different removal options to benefit patient
  3. Describe contraindications and possible side effects (allergies)
  4. Pre-post treatment consultation
  5. Proper anesthesia techniques

Attendees will participate in hands-on training

Models are provided. Marketing and grant programs are discussed along with the opportunity to engage in gang prevention community programs. Please contact MATC for details.

For more information about the Tattoo Removal, please see our workshop schedule.