What is a Preceptor?

“A preceptor is a person who teaches, counsels, inspires, serves as a role model and supports the growth and development of an individual (novice) for a fixed and limited amount of time with the specific purpose of socializing the novice into a new role” (Morrow 1984).”

Preceptors assist students in bridging the gap between academia and the real world of aesthetic dermatology nursing practice. Preceptors do not replace faculty members, but work closely with faculty members in facilitating student success.

Student Responsibilities

In general, the role of the student is to provide the preceptor with academic objectives and learning goals, and identify a plan to meet these objectives and goals; to discuss outcomes of the experience with the preceptor; to achieve the clinical objectives at a satisfactory level; to accept accountability and responsibility for assignments; to communicate with other health-care professionals as needed when providing patient care; to be respectful in all interactions with patients and others; and to communicate with the course faculty.